English Grammar question & answer

1. We ___________  A them since last Saturday.
A. have been helping B. are helping C. helped D. help
Answer: A

2.  I cannot go out tonight, my parents expect ________
 A. me to stay B. I to stay C. that I stay D. me staying
Answer: A

3. You're very rich, but ___________ you like to be a millionaire if it was possible?
A. won't B. do C. wouldn't D. will

Answer : C

4. _______________ what he said was ironical.
A. most B. the most C. most of D. almost

Answer: C

5. You can either come on Wednesday ______________ on Friday.
A. and B. or C. but D. not
Answer: B

6. I _____________  quietly when the fire started.
A. have been reading B.had read C. was reading D.read

Answer: C

7. Snow usually C   in winter.
A. is falling B. has fallen C.falls D.fall
Answer: C

8. How ___________ money do you have in your pocket?
A. some B. may C.much
Answer: C

9.  My father __________ in a bank.
A. warks B. is work C.work
Answer: A

10. This car isn't ___________ for us. We should buy another one.
A. enough big B. big enough
Answer: B

11. Would you be interested __________ TV games?
A. in B. by C. with D. about
Answer: A

12. Leave a message __________ they should come.
A. the case B. in the case C. in case D. for the case

Answer: C 

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