What should come In piece of the question mark (?) In the following questions?

1. 7.69 — (8.72 — 6.34) = ?

a) 5.31 b) 2.63 c) 20.07 d) 15.21 e) None of these

2. 126 x 48 + 52 = ?

a) 10700 b) 22600 c) 10900 d) 10860 e) None of these

3. 14.578 + 5.4 + 628 = ?

a) 26.06 b) 25.61 c) 15.898 d) 26.158 e) None of these

4. 512 + 442 + 648 = ?

a)1612 b) 1502 c) 1592 d) 1602 e) None of these

5. 22220/? = 220

a) 10000 b) 101 c) 100 cl) 10201 e) None of these

6. 15x0.9x7.2 = ?

a) 121.5 b) 97.2 c. 92.5 d. 94.5 e) none of these

Each of the queltions below consists of a question and two state-ments numbered I & II given below it. You have to decide whether data provided In the state-ments are sufficient to answer the question. Read both the statements and give the answer - a) If the data in the statement I alone arc suffi-cient to answer the question, while in the statement data II alone arc not suffi-cient to answer the question. hi If the data in statement 11 alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in statement I alone are not sufficient to answer the question. c) If the data instatement I alone or in statement II alone are sufficient to answer the question. d) If the data even in both statements 1 and 11 together are not sufficient to answer the question. e) If the data in both statements I and II together arc necessary to answer the question.

7. How Is Rama related to Kanshik?

(I) Tapan's wife Prema is paternal aunt of Kaushik.

(II) Rama is the brother of a friend of Pre ma.

8. At what time did the accident take place in the Kandhar station?

(I) The accident took place the moment the local train scheduled to reach at 9.05 am and running late by 10 minutes entered the station. (II) The reservation window was dosed be-cause of the accident.

9. In the last month the company decided to Increase the cost of its mixer by 10 per cent. What lithe present price of the miser?

(I) The cost of mixer and juicer together was Rs. 2,8501- a month ago. (II) The amount of 10% increase on the mixer comes to Rs. 2201.

10. Total money with Narasinh and Anil Kumar is 28 percent of Uday Kumar. How much money is Mai Kumar having?

(I) Uday Kumar has got Its. 75,000i, (II) The ratio of money of Narasinh to that of Anil Kumar is 1 : 3.

11. A ground plus four storeyed residential building has 3 wings namely A, B and C. How many flats are there in the building?

(I) Each floor has equal number of flats. (II) All the 3 flats on the ground floor of wing A are unoccupied.

12. There were 54 members of a co-operative society. How many members attended the recent Annual General Meeting (A.G.M)?

(I) Normally two-third members attend the meeting. (II) One sixth of the members were out of the town on the A.G.M's day.

13. At what time dld Ujjwala come to know about the news of the prize sbe had won?

(I) Her brother had telephoned her around 8 p.m. but she was not at home. (II) Her neighbour arranged a party 2 hours after Ujjwala came to know about the news.

14. How many pairs of letters are there In the word 'CLANGOUR' which have as many let-ters between them in the word as in the al-phabet?

a) Four b) Thrcc 0Two d) One e) None of these

15. If Neba says, -Aniruta's father Raj is the only son of my father-in-law Mahesh, then how B/adu, who Is sister of Amruta is related to Mabeshl (counting from both directions)

a) Daughter b) Wife c) Daughter-in-law d) Niece e) None of these

In each of the following questions an equation Is presented in 4 parts with the '=' sign In between parts.
The four parts of the equation are numbered (A),(B),(C) and (D).
 One of these parts in the question may be wrong and thereby may not yield the same result as the other three pads do. Find out the wrong part,
 it there is any. It all the four parts are correctly equated and all of them yield the same result the answer is (E), i.e. No Mon

16. 45% of 320 = (4 x 3) 2 - (15)2 - (9)2 =
        (a)      (b)       (c)
21 x 10 - 8 x 7, No error
        (d)      (e)

17. 1150x25-700x4+ 15x 5 = 5600+2
        (a)         (b)         (c)
    +105.25- - x 1 x 4350-5 x 5, Noerror
                        (d)     (e)

18. sqr(22.1 - 0.25) = 322/230      1.01 + .2

    (a)              (b)          (c)
    +   0.19 = 103.16 + 200.8 - 302.56
    No error

1. a  2. c  3. e  4. d  5. b  6. b
7. d  8. a  9. e  10. e  11. d
12.d  13. d  14.a  15. c
16.d  17.c  18.e

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