Sunday, 28 December 2014

Computer Knowledge 2

1) A logic gate is an electronic circuit which
(a) makes logic decisions 
(b) allows electron flow only in one direction
(c) works on binary algebra 
(d) alternates between 0&1 values
Answer : a

2) In positive logic, logic gate 1 corresponds to
(a) positive voltage 
(b) higher voltage level
(c) zero voltage level 
(d) lower voltage level
Answer : b

3) A NOR gate is ON only when all it’s inputs are
(a) ON 
(b) positive 
(c) high 
(d) OFF
Answer: d

4) Karnaugh map (K-map) technique provides a systematic method for simplifying -----------
a) multiplexers 
b) lgic gates 
c) Boolean expressions 
d) none of these . 
Answer : c

5) A Register is a group of ---------
a) OR gates 
b)OR & AND gate 
d)None of these
Answer: c

6) Each Flip-flop stores ---------- bits
a) 1 bit 
B) 8 bit 
c) 16 bit 
d)2 bit
Answer: a

7) In Boolean algebra , A+ A= -----------
d)None of these
Answer: b

8) In Boolean algebra , A . A=-----------
a) A2 
b) A 
Answer: b

9) In Boolean algebra A+ AB =-----------
a) B 
b) A 
Answer: b

10)The First Microprocessor was__________
a) Intel 4004 
b) 8080 
c) 8085 
d) 4008
Answer: a

11)The address bus flow in __________
a) bidirection 
b) unidirection 
c) Mulidirection 
d) Circular
Answer: b

12)Status register is also called as ___________
a) Accumulator 
b) Stack 
c) Counter 
d) flags
Answer: d

13)The 8085 Microprocessor uses__________ V power supply
a) +5V 
b) -5V 
c) +12v 
d) -12v
Answer: a

14)__________is used to create Large program on internet
a) C++ 
b) HTML 
c) C language 
d) Java script
Answer: d

15)Laptop PCs are also known as __________Computers
a) Mainframe 
b) Super 
c) Notebook 
d) personal
Answer: c

16)Windows 98 is __________
a) Graphics System 
b) Operating System 
c) Drawing system 
d) Processing
Answer: b

17)A common topology to any network is __________topology
a) Bus 
b) Star 
c) Tree 
d) Ring
Answer: b

18)A flip flop has __________stable status
a) Two 
b) Three 
c) four 
d) five
Answer: b

19)The Binary system has base__________
a) 8 
b) 2 
c) 10 
d) 16
Answer: b

20)The Hexadecimal Number system has base__________
a) 2 
b) 10 
c) 16 
d) 8
Answer: c

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