Sunday, 28 December 2014

Computer Knowledge 3

1. In this adder, the bits of the operand are added one after another :
a.Half adder 
b. Half Duplex 
c. Serial adder 
d. Parallel adder
Answer: c

2. The NOT symbol at the output of an OR gate :
a. Converts it into AND gate 
b. Converts it into NAND gate
c. Converts it into XOR gate 
d. Converts it into NOR gate
Answer: d

3. Pictorial representation of Boolean algebra is known as
a. Venn Diagram 
b. Flow Chart 
c. Data Flow Diagram 
d. Truth Table
Answer: a

4. An AND gate :
a. is used to implement logic addition 
b. is same as parallel switching ckt.
c. is same as serial switching ckt. 
d. None
Answer: c

5. The main feature of integrated circuit is :
a. its complicated circuit 
b. Its cost , which is very high
c.Its size, it is fabricated on small square or rectangle shape silicon chip.
d. It cannot be reapaired
Answer: c

6. SMAC is ---
a) Personnel Computer 
b) Computer for Simulation
c) Hypothetical Computer 
d) None
Answer: c

7. ……… hold address of word in memory
a) MAR 
b) MDR 
c) MBR 
d) MVB
Answer: a

8. …….. hods data of word in memory.
a) MAR 
b) MDR 
c) MBR 
d) MVB
Answer: b

9. Reading from and writing into memory id signaled by
a) Read/Write signal 
b) So & S1 
c) ALE 
d) None
Answer: a

10. Read/Write signal is sent by……….
b) ALU 
c) Computer 
d) NOne
Answer: a

11. General Purpose register built with ………
a) TTL 
b) High Speed buffers 
c) Logic gates 
d) DGA
Answer: b

12. Negative numbers are stored in……
a) Binary form 
b) 1’s Complement 
c) 2’s Complement 
d) None

Answer: c

13. Microprocessor was invented by :
a. Charles Babbage 
b. Grahm bell 
c. Marcian E Huff 
d. Bill gates
Answer: c

14. The program written in any particular computer language is known as :
a. Source code 
b. Object code 
c. Intermediate code 
d. Assembly code
Answer: a

15. The language which is readily understood by the computer system is :
a. Low level 
b. Assembly 
c. Middle level 
d. High level 
e. None
Answer: e

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