Saturday, 27 December 2014

IBPS IT Officer Syllabus

IBPS IT officer:

IT officer (Scale I) exam,
will consists of 4 sections - Quantitative, Reasoning, English and Professional
Knowledge. Each section having 50 questions.
The syllabus of first 3 sections
is same as other bank clerk and PO exams

Professional Knowledge Syllabus :

Networking: Networking is a very vast subject, but we are
providing you with some important topics of networking. These are:

ISO/OSI,TCP/IP Reference Model, LAN, MAN, WAN, Wireless
networks, Cables, Protocols; Standardization, application layer protocols,
WWW , Internet, Domain Name system (DNS). IPV4, IPV6, Multiple access
protocols, TDM, FDM, CDMA ,ALOHA, CSMA,CSMA/CD,CSMA/CA, Circuit and Packet
Switching, Topologies, Virtual Circuits, Switches, Hubs, Bridges, Gateways.

 Database: SQL Commands,Normalization, Transaction
control, Data Models

Operating System :
Computer Organisations, Microprocessor
Programming Concepts, OOPS
Digital Electronics
Software Engineering
Web Technologies

IBPS IT officer Question Pattern

S. No. Paper name Maximum Marks Total Time
1 Reasoning Paper 50 120 Minutes
2 English Language Paper 25
3 Quantitative Aptitude Paper 50
4 Professional Knowledge Paper 75
Total 200

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